Overview of Dutch National Building LCA regulation

Overview of the way in which life cycle assessment has been incorporated into the Dutch Building Code 2012.
In “Bouwbesluit 2012” (Building Code 2012), a rule is included, in the chapter “Milieu” (Environment), relating to the environmental performance of residential and office buildings. In “Afdeling 5.2” (Department 5.2) of the “Bouwbesluit 2012” (Building Code 2012), it is stated that the construction of a building/construction work is such that the environmental impact of the materials, applied in the construction work, is limited. In article 5.9, it is determined that: the emission of green-house gasses and the depletion of raw materials relating to the composition of construction components is quantified according to the Assessment Method Environmental Performance Constructions and Civil Engineering (GWW) Works.

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