Update of safer surfaces to walk on - reducing the risks of slipping

This update to CIRIA C652 Safer surfaces to walk on – reducing the risk of slipping (Carpenter et al, 2006) has been produced to give an overview of developments in knowledge and research in the field of slips (and to some degree trips) since the guide was published. While the original intention was that this would focus principally on research carried out at the Health and Safety Laboratory, the update has also looked at developments in Europe and research within other organisations, including some of those organisations who have contributed to the funding for this update.

The original report was produced as a CIRIA publication, and was also made freely available through the HSE and RSSB websites. The update is being produced as a web-based document with the intention that subsequent material can be added at regular intervals. It is considered that this addresses the importance of the subject area.

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