GRESB Infrastructure

GRESB Infrastructure

GRESB Infrastructure offers investors an industry-wide assessment tool to enable systematic evaluation and industry benchmarking of the sustainability performance of their infrastructure assets. It provides a consistent framework for investors to collect and compare key environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators and related performance metrics across their global infrastructure portfolio. The framework is aligned with international reporting frameworks such as the GRI and PRI.

Sector-specific benchmarks serve investors during the due diligence process and post investment, helping them to identify sustainability best practices and to identify issues for future engagement. Access to better quality and standardized ESG data also enables investors to fulfil increasingly rigorous ESG reporting obligations.

With governments around the world looking to the private sector to fund infrastructure investments, the asset class is presenting attractive opportunities for investors. Infrastructure is rapidly becoming an integral part of a diversified investment management strategy, especially for long-term institutional investors. Data shows that 28 percent of pension funds now invest in infrastructure, though allocations are still low (below 1 percent of their total investments, on average) they are expected to increase in the coming years. Infrastructure and sustainability are closely related: as the backbone of the global economy, infrastructure investments offer scalable, resilient pathways to sustainable economic growth by delivering key societal benefits, such as vital transportation links, (renewable) energy sources, livability, social infrastructure, water and waste management systems, smart grids and low-carbon transportation systems.

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