Case study: Oxford City Council - Carbon Management Plan

Case study: Oxford City Council - Carbon Management Plan

In 2011, Oxford City Council achieved its target of reducing its own carbon emissions by 25%. It is now working with local private, public and non-profit organisations to reduce Oxford’s overall carbon emissions by 40% by 2020 to become an exemplar low carbon city.

In 2008, Oxford City Council (CC) began working with the Carbon Trust, setting out a Carbon Management Plan for how it would reduce emissions from its own estate and operations by 25% against a 2005/6 baseline by 2011. Upon reaching this target, Oxford CC are using these achievements to act as a catalyst for city-wide engagement in reducing carbon emissions. “The Oxford Strategic Partnership (OSP) adopted a target to reduce Oxford’s overall carbon emissions by 40% by 2020 and felt that the best way to encourage efforts towards this was to demonstrate that we could continue to make significant reductions in our own emissions,” says Jennifer Carr, Sustainable Energy Officer for Oxford City Council.

In addition to reducing the annual carbon footprint of new council buildings by 60% through energy efficiency measures, Oxford CC are currently undergoing a solar PV project for its social housing stock. In 2014 it ran a pilot project and has now identified a further 1,000 homes that are suitable for solar PV. As well as generating clean energy and saving tenants around £150 a year in energy bills, the scheme will provide income for the Council through Feed in Tariff payments, helping to drive future investments.

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