Principles for a Human City

‘Principles for a Human City’ responds, and gives further definition to, the ‘emerging principles’ for the future regeneration of King’s Cross, published jointly by LCR, the London Borough of Camden and the King’s Cross Partnership in November 1997 (see Appendix B).

Our objective for King’s Cross Central is to devise and then deliver, over the next 15 or so years, an exciting and successful mixed use development; one that will shape a dense, vibrant and distinctive
urban quarter, bring local benefits and make a lasting contribution to London.

The challenge and opportunity now is to fashion a dense, vibrant urban quarter, a place with distinctive identity and which:
» accommodates world city functions and contributes to local needs;
» blends and balances these functions successfully; and
» assimilates the very significant new elements of transport provision which are about to be introduced.

By the start of the next decade, King’s Cross should offer an urban exemplar for a sustainable world city. It should be an outstanding place to live, work or just ‘be’. It should make a significant, positive
contribution to:
» the economy. London is the ‘engine room’ of the regional and national economy. King’s Cross has a major part to play in facilitating economic development and contributing to the capital’s continued economic growth;

» equality. Regeneration of King’s Cross must deliver benefits to existing local communities. Development will help to improve local opportunities for jobs, training and housing and facilitate better access to healthcare, education and other services; and

» the environment. Redevelopment of the King’s Cross lands presents opportunities to enhance greatly the quality of the townscape and public realm, and to adopt wider sustainability principles, for example in terms of energy efficiency, the use
of water and the recycling of materials.

These are the three strands of sustainable development. Each supports and reinforces the others. Together they sum up many of our principles for a successful ‘human city’ at King’s Cross.

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