Microeconomic Evidence for the Benefits of Investment in the Environment 2 (MEBIE2) (NERR057)

Microeconomic Evidence for the Benefits of the Investment in the Environment 2 (MEBIE 2) is a review of the evidence for the benefits of the natural environment to people. It is based on the Ecosystem Approach, and is designed to help anyone who needs to make a robust case to decision makers for investment in the environment. The review focuses particularly on England, however incorporates useful evidence from other regions where appropriate.

MEBIE2 updates the original MEBIE review released in 2012 and includes over 100 new pieces of evidence and new chapters on Consumer Spending, Pollination and Pest Control.

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Natural England, green infrastructure, natural environment, climate change adaptation, climate change mitigation, consumer spending, house prices, labour productivity, tourism, recreation, air quality, coastal flooding, food provision, water provision, mental health, noise, pest control, physical activity, pollination, social cohesion, temperature regulation, water quality

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