Cities Convention

22nd & 23rd April 2015, Altitude London

Cities need to be smarter, more sustainable and resilient.

What lessons can be learned from early adopters of smart city solutions? How do cities ensure housing growth brings social, environmental and economic benefits for all? What are the financing models to deliver smart and resilient growth to cities and infrastructure?

Join thought leaders and practitioners to explore the issues and unlock solutions for tackling the urban challenges of cities now and in the future. See the latest solutions at the Cities gallery.

City connectivity
ICT can offer smart ways to make cities more sustainable, low carbon, healthy and prosperous. How can cities unlock the power of data to deliver more effective and efficient cities?

City growth
Urban growth creates opportunities to improve existing communities and infrastructure but is often rejected by current residents. How do we create new high quality, resilient and inclusive communities that integrate with existing settlements?

City infrastructure
Efficient and resilient infrastructure can reduce risks for service providers and users while saving money and valuable resources. How do cities ensure that it contributes to local economies, is fit-for-purpose, and balances supply and demand?

City financing
Cities need to make long-term strategic investments that may require additional capital expenditure to secure a better outcomes in the future. How do they develop the business cases and unlock the finances for investment now to deliver solutions for the future?

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