Mind the Gap! Are our construction projects performing as designed?

April 23rd, 2015 9:15 AM to 5:00 PM, London

Are our construction projects performing as designed?
Why do we miss targets despite an ever-increasing understanding of the issues?
Where are the biggest gaps between design and actual performance?
How to close the gap: an introduction to Building Performance Evaluation
Join us to investigate these questions and much more about the Performance Gap...

About the seminar

Many construction professionals understand that, even with the best intentions, there can be a big difference between the predicted energy performance and actual energy use. These gaps can be huge – some buildings can use over three times the amount of energy for heating, electricity and water.

Is this gap due to design flaws, or unrealistic predictions; poor construction, installation and commissioning; inadequate hand-over, leading to ineffective building operation; occupant habits...or a combination?

After an introduction by The Green Register's Director, Lucy Pedler, two presentations on building performance evaluation from Ian Mawditt of Four Walls and Ian Orme of BSRIA follow. Both Ians will discuss the early findings from the InnovateUK’s Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) programme.

Judit Kimpian, an architect and director of AHR’s research team, then takes delegates through the new and improved CarbonBuzz platform, the repository of all data from the InnovateUK projects and shares BPE across many commercial projects.

Roderic Bunn from BSRIA will talk about POE tools and techniques, including obtaining a true understanding of context before measuring energy consumption and occupant satisfaction and benchmarking results. He will also critique some of the latest trends in measuring occupant health and wellbeing.

Ian Mawditt and Lucy Pedler share their own experiences of eco-retrofits by presenting two domestic refurbishments that illustrate some of the challenges and technical solutions to upgrading older buildings.

Delegates will take away a full understanding of the pitfalls of retrofitting and how to use relevant technical solutions to narrow the performance gap.

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