Local Authority Energy Index

Recognising that Local Authorities can have a dramatic effect on the energy that people and businesses use, a study has been compiled to look at locally driven energy programmes. The Local Authority Energy Index developed by Knauf Insulation analysed 25 Local Authorities from England covering a range of Metropolitan, London and Unitary authorities, as well as a range of geographies.

The Energy Index considers how these Local Authorities have worked to influence the local energy and energy efficiency agendas, along with measuring and ranking their work in this area. It uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures to produce an overall index of performance in energy efficiency. In particular, highlighting best practice and exploring barriers that exist for Councils trying to improve well-being and reduce energy bills for residents, businesses and their own estate.

To find out more about the Local Authority Energy Index please click the link below where the report is available for download or contact laenergyindex@knaufinsulation.com

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