Embedding Sustainability in Civil Engineering Courses: A Practical Guide

Universities in the UK are obliged to embed sustainability as a key theme in undergraduate civil engineering courses, but consultations with lecturers suggest that this is an area of the undergraduate teaching curriculum that many universities find difficult to define, deliver or assess. The work of civil engineers is inseparable from the complex world of environmental, economic, political and social factors, and civil engineers must now consider sustainable development as an important driver for design decisions.

In this report we identify three challenges that engineers must overcome in order to make progress in the field of sustainable design:
complexity; values-based decision making; and interdisciplinary working. We have made the overcoming of these challenges the basis of nine principles for how sustainability can be enhanced in the curriculum, and provide tools, free online resources and suggestions for implementation in the classroom.

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structural engineering, civil engineering, complexity, values based decision making, interdependencies, systems thinking, stakeholder engagement

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