Who knows an area best? Obviously it is the people who live, work and spend their lives there. Recent changes in legislation give local people a greater say in how their areas develop, including new powers for neighbourhood planning. Placecheck helps them exercise these new rights.

Placecheck is a method of taking the first steps in deciding how to improve an area. Placechecks are often able to kick-start change in a way that might not otherwise be possible. They can lead to anything from litter clear-up days to neighbourhood planning.

Most other ways of taking these first steps need to be led by someone experienced in a particular method. A Placecheck can be initiated by anyone, without much preparation. It can help put local people at the heart of making a better place to live and work.

Placecheck has been funded by English Heritage.

Placecheck, devised by Urban Design Skills, is a companion method to Qualityreviewer and Capacitycheck.

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Integrated Planning 2014, placemaking

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