Housing standards review: technical consultation (2014)

Consultation seeking views on the proposals for implementation of the housing standards review and in particular the technical standards.

This publication sets out the government’s revised policy on housing standards and seeks views on draft technical standards and other practical matters of implementation. This follows the 2013 consultation, the outcome of which was announced in March 2014.

These new standards will underpin the delivery of high quality housing whilst ensuring that the overall cost of development is reduced. This includes for the first time the introduction of Building Regulations for security standards to ensure homes are better protected from crime; and optional Building Regulation requirements, which can be introduced where justified by need and viability for age friendly and wheelchair user housing standards to meet the needs of older and disabled people, and for higher water efficiency to ensure that new development is sustainable.

In addition, we will have published a national space standard for new dwellings to enable local authorities, communities and neighbourhoods to influence the size of development in their local area.

An updated impact assessment has also been published which indicates the scale of savings that could be achieved, based on more comprehensive evidence and survey information received since the initial impact assessment was published in 2013.

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