Wellbeing matters: Assessing views on the impact of the built environment on wellbeing.

Wellbeing is gaining momentum and slowly but surely entering into conversations around business and property. Privately, people value and recognise it but it has not transalated into business and value decision making. The Feeling Good Foundation recognises wellbeing as a core metric in our lives. We know it matters but does the property industry recognise it? Do agents, developers or investors believe that wellbeing has a role in the design, marketing or management of property assets?

We had a sense that the answer would be no, that the attitude of the mainstream property industry would be cynical and dismissive. So we decided to find out. We were offered an opportunity to add a set of wellbeing questions into the Autumn 2013 Estates Gazette/Grosvenor Estates Sentiment Survey. Far from the scepticism we expected, the results of the survey uncovered a heartening level of support for wellbeing as a viable and useful way of evaluating the built environment.

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