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Design Council is launching a major design programme to improve the quality of care. Over the next three to five years Design for Care will apply world-renowned design talent in a drive to invent and develop new systems, processes, products and services to increase wellbeing, to help reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and to help people stay in their own homes.

We wish to create a care system that is more personalised, more connected and more preventative.


We’ve chosen four themes that we believe will make a difference and together with care professionals, technology companies and others, we will start to put our thoughts into action.

1. Growing informal care
How do we increase the care contribution of family, friends and the wider community?

A better integrated health and social care system will be unlikely to possess all of the public resources needed to meet demand. We have to think beyond integration and look to a more collaborative approach – working with families, friends and the wider community to build sustained relationships. We need to design simpler ways for people to connect and support one another despite their busy lives.

2. Transforming our homes
How do we make homes that better support wellbeing?

As our needs change we have to adapt our living spaces, accommodating our changing physical and cognitive abilities. But how exactly do we do that when there is so little available in the mass market and so little to which to aspire? We need to design better products, services and spaces, and show that embracing a wide range of ability is something positive for mainstream business.

3. Enabling better choices
How can we support people to make effective choices for their own care needs or those of a loved one?

More individuals are making care choices than ever before as they manage personal care budgets or fund their own care. We need to support individuals and their carers to plan ahead as well as to help make effective choices when they have a personal or family crisis. We need to design simple tools that make the most of the expert advice and support that is available, but also that help individuals work out what is right for them.

4. Places and spaces for care

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