Summary Report: Demystifying Health and Productivity Benefits of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design Alternatives

This report states that sustainability requires a new pathway and our industry must evolve to be a contributor to finding the right answer, rather than delivering the trusted solutions that have served us well in an industry of unconstrained resources.

This report is provided to industry with the aspiration of initiating a dialogue about our professional responsibility. The dialogue must engage with matters beyond engineering and find relevance in the disparate academic research, to drive the pragmatic decision making required by industry. This report is not intended to be the final word, but rather a contribution to the body of knowledge that can be used to focus dialogue in this important area.

This report concludes that the difference between business as usual and a solution tuned to address productivity in the workspace could add almost $250/m2/year value to a tenant. Noting that this figure dwarfs energy costs by a factor of greater than 20 times and in some markets is the equivalent to the net rent payable for the office space.

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