The Year of Climate Departure for World Cities

This map displays the world cities by their timing of climate departure. According to Dr. Camilo Mora, at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, climate departure is defined as “the year when the mean climate of any given location on Earth will shift continuously outside the most extreme records experienced in the past 150 years.”
The projected year of climate departure is obtained using two emission scenarios.

In RCP4.5, a concerted mitigation effort is implemented by the cities which results in CO2 levels at 538 ppm by 2100. In the other scenario RCP8.5, the cities continue their business as usual without any mitigation efforts resulting in CO2 levels at 936 ppm by 2100. The global mean year of departure is 2047. The mean for the tropics is 2038 whereas the mean for all other latitudes is 2053.

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