R!SE Alliance: Disaster Risk Sensitive Investment

The R!SE Initiative is an ambitious global response to a daunting global challenge. It is a new way of collaborating, on a global scale, to unlock the potential for public and private sector actors who are ready and willing to make a step forward and take leadership on disaster risk reduction.

The overall objective of the R!SE Initiative is to make all investments risk-sensitive. Focused on collaboration and tangible action to achieve risk-sensitive investments, R!SE will contribute to building the resilience of local communities and the global economy as a whole. Consultations held with the private sector in Europe, Asia and the Americas in the context of the launch and presentation of GAR13 have highlighted growing momentum, interest and engagement with disaster risk reduction.

The Initiative will facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge to implement tangible disaster risk reduction projects and will be underpinned by the creation of the R!SE Trust Fund, an independent trust fund managed through a clear, effective management structure. The Initiative will be comprised of 4 unique elements: the R!SE Alliance, the R!SE Activity Streams, the R!SE Portal and the R!SE Trust Fund.

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