Resilient Cities: A Grosvenor Research Report

For over 300 years, Grosvenor has been investing in and developing real estate, and for the last 60 years, this has been on an international scale.

Understanding cities helps us with the careful allocation of capital between our three distinct areas of business and gives us insight into where we may want to have a presence in the future.

At Grosvenor, we realise that a city’s long term success cannot be measured on annual volatility and returns alone. We need to evolve our approach and analyse the risks and opportunities of cities holistically, taking into account their geographical location, governance, predicted population growth and resources, amongst other things. We need to know how vulnerable they are, but also understand their ability to adapt and improve. We need to establish their resilience.

This research enables us to do exactly that and is a powerful resource for advising our clients and partners. It advances our way of thinking about long term investment and gives us a robust risk management tool to help us ensure that our business continues to be profitable and can play an active role in the evolution of cities, complementing our ‘Living cities’ approach.

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