Low carbon cities are the core of Malaysia's green future

The biggest and best opportunities are most often found in cities. This is the view that is driving increasing levels of urbanisation around the world, especially in Asia where the fastest rates of growth are occurring. In fact 1.4 billion more people are expected to be living in Asian cities by 2050 compared with today. To put this into context, that additional number is greater than the entire world population in 1850.

When considering the challenges of climate change and the need to cut carbon around the world, cities are currently responsible for 70 percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions from energy consumption. But there is enormous potential to reduce these emissions through cost-effective energy efficiency measures delivering immediate cost and carbon savings, at the same time as strengthening the local economy and creating a better place to live.

In this viewpoint Richard Rugg, Managing Director of Programmes at the Carbon Trust looks at improving energy and resource efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of cities, with a focus on realising Malaysia's potential for leadership in low carbon urban development.

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