The BIG Challenge

The BIG Challenge of 'do one thing' invites you to add one new biodiversity enhancement to your construction site, development or existing building.

The BIG Challenge is a CIRIA Biodiversity Interest Group (BIG) initiative.
We believe that action is required to encourage the implementation of biodiversity on site. We're inviting organisations to sign up and get involved to start ensuring that biodiversity enhancement is at the heart of the design and engineering process.

By signing up to the BIG challenge, you are committing to making a positive change to enhance biodiversity in the built environment.

We aim to show how biodiversity enhancements can be simple, affordable and achievable... and how your organisation can get involved and help to mainstream biodiversity delivery.

The biodiversity enhancement can be something simple, such as adding hanging baskets planted with native wildflowers, creating bug hotels, rain gardens, planted cycle locks or skip gardens. These measures can be a permanent feature of your development, or temporary during the construction phase, which, when finished, could potentially be transferred to the next site and enhanced further.

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