Water Footprint Assessment Tool

The Water Footprint Assessment (WFA) Tool is a free online web application assisting users in water footprint quantification, sustainability assessment and response formulation.

The WFA Tool can be used by companies, governments, NGOs, investors, consultants, researchers or anyone else interested in the Water Footprint.

- Explore the water footprint in a river basin of your interest.
- Discover the water footprint per sector.
- Find out where and when there is water scarcity.

Geographic WFA
- Explore in detail the water footprint in a river basin.
- Assess the sustainability of the water footprint in this basin.
- Identify ways to reduce the water footprint in the basin

Production WFA
- Quantify and map the operational and supply-chain water footprint of a facility or the water footprint of a product that can be specified by yourself.
- Assess the sustainability of your facility's or product’s water footprint.
- Identify ways to reduce the water footprint of your facility or product

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