BS EN 15240:2007 Ventilation for buildings. Energy performance of buildings. Guidelines for inspection of air-conditioning systems

This European Standard describes the common methodology for inspection of air conditioning systems in buildings for space cooling and or heating from an energy consumption standpoint. The inspection can consider for instance the following points to assess the energy performance and proper sizing of the system:

- System conformity to the original and subsequent design modifications, actual requirements and the present state of the building.
- Correct system functioning.
- Function and settings of various controls.
- Function and fitting of the various components.
- Power input and the resulting energy output.

It is not intended that a full audit of the air conditioning system is carried out, but a correct assessment of its functioning and main impacts on energy consumption, and as a result determine any recommendations on improvement of the system or use of alternative solutions. National regulations and guidelines targeting energy efficiency and in line with the main objectives of this standard are also applicable.

NOTE Provision of adequate ventilation and system balancing are dealt with in EN 15239.
The qualification of the persons or organisation responsible for inspections is not covered by this standard, but the requirements for inspections are covered. The frequency of the mandatory inspection is defined on national level. Features affecting the frequency and duration of inspection are introduced in Annex C.

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