Lessons from AIMC4 for cost-effective, fabric-first, low-energy housing Part 7: Commercial - Delivery Costs and Household Energy Bills

This Information Paper is the final one of a series of Information Papers about the AIMC4 applied research project which was created to research, develop and pioneer the volume production of low-carbon homes for the future that would achieve Level 4 (energy) of the Code for Sustainable Homes without the use of renewable energy.

It is a development largely of Information Paper 2 which looked at the supply chain side of the project, Information Paper 4 which considered the application of lean techniques to the value chain and Information Paper 5 that showed actual household energy use.

This paper will consider the two main commercial questions of AIMC4:
– How close the consortium came to delivering homes that met the
energy requirements for Code Level 41 at a Code Level 3 cost?
– How much are the occupants paying for gas and electricity to run
their homes?

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AIMC4, low carbon homes, domestic operational energy, build costs, volume housebuilding

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