Ecobuild 2014: The Material Flow Economy - the convergence of mass & economics in a resource constrained world

Peter Jones, OBE, Director, Ecolateral presents at Ecobuild
The Material Flow Economy - the convergence of mass and economics in a resource constrained world.

Materials are the stuff of life, the ingredients that build our world. Our relationship with them is complicated and often based on fashion as much as logic. We rarely use materials on their own, but play them off each other for complex products, systems, and cities. Materials' special properties come from their inner structures, and as materials science evolves we design new ones to solve all sorts of challenges. At the same time we need to conserve and reuse what we have already. This seminar takes a fresh look at new and old materials in all their 'simple complexity', and gives our preconceptions a vigorous shake-up.

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recycling, gasification, ecobuild, plastics, resource mining, biomass, anaerobic digestion

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