BS EN ISO 13790:2008 Energy performance of buildings. Calculation of energy use for space heating and cooling

This International Standard gives calculation methods for assessment of the annual energy use for space heating and cooling of a residential or a non-residential building, or a part of it, referred to as “the building”.

This method includes the calculation of:
a) the heat transfer by transmission and ventilation of the building zone when heated or cooled to constant internal temperature;
b) the contribution of internal and solar heat gains to the building heat balance;
c) the annual energy needs for heating and cooling, to maintain the specified set-point temperatures in the building – latent heat not included;
d) the annual energy use for heating and cooling of the building, using input from the relevant system standards referred to in this International Standard and specified in Annex A.

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cooling, BSI, energy performance, space heating, calculation methods

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