A Better Retailing Climate: Driving Resource Efficiency

A Better Retailing Climate: Driving Resource Efficiency

This report by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) highlights a clear and thorough commitment to reduce the environmental impact of the retail industry. The progress and achievements outlined show how many retailers are taking a real leadership role in driving resource efficiency and sourcing and producing their products in an environmentally responsible way. They recognise it makes sound business sense, as there is nothing more important to a retailer’s long term success than building a sustainable supply chain.

This report promotes current best practice amongst UK retailers and demonstrates how they are leading the way in reducing their
environmental impact within the context of a rapidly changing market. Environmental improvements are being made against a backdrop of increasing resource scarcity, a growing national and global population,
overseas sourcing, commodity price fluctuations, economic uncertainty and the revolution in online retail. Retailers are leading the way in environmental initiatives as this is the most effective way to give customers what they want whilst acknowledging the constraint
of environment.

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