Clay Brick and Clay Block Resource Efficiency Action Plan

This Resource Efficiency Action Plan for Clay Brick and Clay Block sector is an industry led initiative supported by WRAP, the Government – funded delivery body. The REAPs have been developed to assist the supply chain in managing material efficiency from raw material extraction through to the demolition/deconstruction of buildings, and identifying and creating an actionable strategy for reducing waste and improving resource efficiency. The Action Plan was developed by, and benefited from input from, a stakeholder group made up of representatives from across the supply chain, government departments, regulatory agencies and WRAP.
This action plans address a wider range of issues than previous REAPs. They tackle a much wider scope of resource efficiency and cover the main impact indicators of waste, water, carbon, (energy usage and emissions), materials and bio diversity, as championed by the Green Construction Board “Greening the Industry” campaign to the full lifecycle of a construction product as defined in EN15804.
The Brick Development Association, together with a diverse group of organisations and stakeholders, have worked together to provide a roadmap to improve resource efficiency and the sustainability of heavyweight construction solutions and the UK built environment. Sub groups have been set up to develop specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and time bound Action Plans to improve the resource efficiency in the supply chain of the construction sector for each product area in the following segments:
• Manufacturing
• Logistics and packaging
• Design for use and reuse
• Construction process
• Demolition
The actions generated provide a range of approaches for continual improvement of the sector.

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