How to Procure Soft Landings guidance

This guide is written primarily to help public and private sector clients and main contractors procure Soft Landings services from their construction supply chains.

BSRIA has developed the guide with input by members of the BSRIA Soft Landings User Group in response to two clear trends in the use of Soft Landings.

Increasingly there is a need for clear and standardised requirements for the industry as many clients and consultants don’t fully understand the Soft Landings process. This guide will help clients understand better what they are requesting in tenders and contractors understand in more detail what steps are involved in the process.

Soft Landings is also now being adopted by central government as a formal procurement policy known as Government Soft Landings (GSL). This is a version of BSRIA’s Soft Landings that is stated to be mandatory along with Building Information Modelling (BIM) for central government projects from 2016. Soft Landings is a process that fits well with the use of BIM.

The guide is split into three main sections, with requirements worded for clients appointing professional designers, clients appointing main contractors/builders and contractors appointing sub-contractors.

It complements the Soft Landings Framework (BG 4/2009), BSRIA’s guide that describes what Soft Landings is about and why you should adopt it. It aims to go a step further by providing all that clients and project teams need to put Soft Landings into operation.

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