Resilience in the Round

This scoping paper summarises a workshop that the Aldersgate Group held with members and external stakeholders. It sets out the vast economic opportunity to redesign traditional economic processes of a linear consumption pattern, significant barriers that must be overcome and proposes areas for further examination.

There are three main phases in the transition to a circular economy:
1 Vision: Defining the concept and increasing its traction
2 Exploration: The pioneers undertake trials and create value
3 Scale: Shift to mainstream

This report does not reinvent the vision for the circular economy but draws on the analysis of others – principally the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and McKinsey. The Aldersgate Group’s key objectives are to promote the concept more widely and accelerate the exploration phase.

Resilience in the Round does not set out all the answers but outlines a number of questions that need to be addressed if the UK is to maximise the opportunity for growth and competitive advantage in a resource constrained world.

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