Invasive species management for infrastructure managers and the construction industry (C679)

Part A of the manual describes the impact invasive species have, and the legislation and policy that regulates their management. The management of any land holding begins with surveying and assessing the invasive species present or likely to invade into it.

This information coupled with the definition of the aims of management, feeds into a risk assessment leading to management options for dealing with invasive species: suppression, eradication and prevention.

The final stage in the process is post-management surveillance, monitoring and maintenance to ensure any invasion or reinvasion is dealt with appropriately.

Parts B and C provide examples of invasive plant and animal species (15) and species that could become tomorrow’s invaders (21).

Business and industry need to respond to the challenge of invasive plants and animals, the cost of which, both economical and environmental, has increased dramatically in recent years.

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CIRIA, invasive species, risk management

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