Building Greener. Guidance on the use of green roofs, green walls and complementary features on buildings (C644)

This guidance results from a detailed assessment of published information on green roof and walls and provides guidance on their design, construction and operation. The guidance also describes how quick wins’ for biodiversity can be achieved in the built environment by incorporating nesting and roosting boxes for birds, bats and other animals.

Green roofs and walls are widely used in many countries to provide a range of benefits for the built environment. Numerous studies have been carried out to monitor and assess the effectiveness of green roofs and green walls in the areas of biodiversity, stormwater management and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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Tuesday, 1st October 2013

Dieter Gockmann, EPR Architects

This is a great guide to the why, what and how of green roofs and walls. The guide provides a good introduction to the theory and principles of green roofs and walls and is complemented throughout by comprehensive design details and case studies, including UK projects.


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