Sefaira: intuitive software for high performance design

Sefaira’s software enables performance based design by providing real-time analysis and decision support, with feedback on projected whole-building energy and water use, carbon emissions, operating costs, and renewable energy potential.

Sefaira's aim is to make sustainability analysis a seamless, integral part of the design process. It is specifically tailored to help architects make design decisions while a design is still evolving, with an industry-leading Strategies and Bundles framework and an intuitive response curve feature.

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Friday, 22nd March 2013

Darren Jones, Nicholas Hare Architects

Excellent software tool for analysing the impact of design decisions at an early stage. Sefaira Concept can take simple SketchUp models and provide a huge amount of energy and carbon related information (based on real data). The tool can be customised and tailored using a wide range of variable controls and can be used to optimised building orientation, compare energy use of different window sizes and configurations, analyise the affect of different renewable strategies, and more.


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