Carbon footprinting overview

The Carbon Trust carbon footprinting overview guide explains what is included in organisational and product footprints, how you can measure and communicate them, and the benefits of doing so. It also set out the specific steps you need to take to calculate your carbon footprint(s), and some of the key things to consider if you do.

The main types of carbon footprint for organisations are:

1. Organisational carbon footprint
2. Emissions from all the activities across an organisation, including buildings' energy use, industrial 3. processes and company vehicles.

Value chain carbon footprint
Includes emissions which are outside an organisation's own operations (also known as Scope 3 emissions). This represents emissions from both suppliers and consumers, including all use and end of life emissions.

Product carbon footprint
Emissions over the whole life of a product or service, from the extraction of raw materials and manufacturing right through to its use and final reuse, recycling or disposal.

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Wednesday, 27th March 2013

Dieter Gockmann, EPR Architects

EPR Architects found this document extremely clear, straight forward and helpful as a starting point for advice regarding what we should start measuring and reporting to help us to reduce the practice's carbon footprint through better management of our business activities.


UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) logo

Tuesday, 12th March 2013

James Kershaw, UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC)

A useful introduction for businesses on carbon footprinting - whether measuring an organisation’s overall activities or the life cycle of a particular product or service. A must read for any business beginning the process of reducing their carbon footprint/environmental impact.



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