Construction Carbon Calculator

This free calculator will calculate the predicted operational and embodied carbon emissions which will be generated by your new building. You will be required to enter the building type, area in m2, ventilation system and depth of building. The calculator suggests where the building sits in terms of emissions from operational and embodied carbon.

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Monday, 22nd April 2013

Ben Hopkins, Bennetts Associates

This has far too few criteria to be a useful tool, and the result does not show the impact of any of the choices on the final result. Probably more of a marketing app than a tool for those within the built environment.


Friday, 22nd March 2013

Darren Jones, Nicholas Hare Architects

Interesting, but a crude tool. No analysis of whether the figures are good or bad, or how improvements might be made to get to the "where you could be" figures.


Friday, 1st March 2013

Danielle Densley Tingley, The University of Sheffield

This should be used for very approximate estimations of the range of operational/embodied carbon in which your building might fall only.

No material types are selected meaning there will be very little accuracy in the embodied carbon estimate.

This could be used as a starting guide but will be of little use in making design decisions.


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