Design for future climate

This report aims to give an overview of the available climate information, highlight issues that are most relevant to the industry, signpost research and development work, and pose some questions to help practitioners develop their thinking and explore areas that are particularly relevant to their work.

It highlights commercial opportunities for adaptation in the built environment and innovation around the changes in climate change, for example, by developing new materials and construction methods
to retrofit existing buildings.

Design for Future Climate, Adapting Buildings is the largest programme on climate change adaptation of buildings in the UK. This work, led by the Technology Strategy Board aims to engage the UK buildings industry in the opportunity of adapting to the changing climate.

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Friday, 4th October 2013

Ben Hopkins, Bennetts Associates

This is essential reading for designers, as it succinctly highlights the key issues that will affect the buildings that are being designed today. It is thorough but concise, and the diagrams in particular are well suited to giving designers an overview of the each issue. The appendix also gives a good overview of the data and research in climate predictions.


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