Louise Boulden, Ecobuild

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PR & Comms Manager, Ecobuild


Responsible for PR & communications for Ecobuild - the sustainable design, construction and energy marketplace for new build, refurb, commercial and domestic buildings attracting over 44,000 professionals from across the sustainable built environment each year.


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Ecobuild 2014: Measuring and understanding energy use to optimise building performance

Presentations, webinars, videos

Robert Cohen, Technical Director, Verco speaks at Ecobuild 2014 about measuring and understanding energy use in practice and diagnosing improvements. Read more…

Ecobuild 2014: BIM: getting value in the operational phase

Presentations, webinars, videos

Informed facilities management: Nya Karolinska Solna hospital, Sweden Adina J√§gbeck, Skanska IT Nordic talks about BIM: getting value in the operational phase at Ecobuild 2014. Read more…

Ecobuild 2014: Mitigating overheating in dwellings

Presentations, webinars, videos

Mark Wray, Lead Technologist, Technology Strategy Board presents his thoughts on the opportunity for localised energy systems using a cross-sector approach. Read more…

Ecobuild 2014: Enabling energy efficient behaviour to maximise building performance

Case studies, Presentations, webinars, videos

Energy efficient design doesn't always result in energy efficient behaviour as approximately 50% of a building's energy consumption is directly influenced by how its occupants use it. Read more…

Ecobuild 2014: Government Soft Landings - Experiences of an early adopter

Presentations, webinars, videos

Nigel Miller, Assistant Head Policy, Government Construction Strategy, DIO talks about his experiences as an early adopter of Government Soft Landings. Read more…

Ecobuild 2014: MOJ Estate Directorate Government Soft Landings

Presentations, webinars, videos

GSL, making the change from best practice to outstanding projects presented by Jenny Bone, Technical Performance Manager, Ministry of Justice at Ecobuild 2014. Read more…

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Showing 37–42 of 90 results

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