Louise Sunderland, UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC)

UK-GBC Member

Company Name:
UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC)

Job Title:
Senior Sustainability Advisor


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Campus of the Future

Guidance and industry reports

What changes will influence how we design the educational campus in the future? How will education be delivered and what will the future campus look like? Read more…

The Business of Cities

Blogs & Opinion

A blog about the Foresight Future of Cities research project, which looks at the opportunities and challenges that cities will face over the next... Read more…

A history of experiential futures

Blogs & Opinion

This blog investigates the intersection of forward thinking, media, activism, and design. Written by Stuart Candy, Director of the Situation Lab, foresight/design prof at OCAD University, and Research Fellow of The Long Now Foundation. Read more…

Sustainable supply chain management

Blogs & Opinion

A blog from Dale Turner, Director of Procurement and Supply Chain at Skanska on the case for sustainable supply chain management, and why do we do it. Read more…

The Green Deal – Twelve months on

Blogs & Opinion

John Sinfield, Managing Director at Knauf Insulation Northern Europe, shares Kanuf's experiences of 12 months of the Green Deal. "Life, and the first Star Wars prequel, teaches us “there is always a bigger fish”. Read more…

What does it take to be a Future Leader?

Blogs & Opinion

A blog from Lindsey Malcolm, Senior Consultant in the Sustainability and Physics team at Buro Happold and one of the UK-GBC Future Leaders. "As a member of the Sustainability and Physics team at Buro Happold, I’ve spent over six years working as a professional engineer. Read more…

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Showing 7–12 of 18 results

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