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ConstructionLCA Ltd

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I’m an expert in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and sustainability for the construction materials sector.
I was the co-author of BRE’s Green Guide to Specification, and I’m the UK expert on CEN TC350 WG3, which developed EN 15804, the European Standard for EPD for construction products.
I’ve worked for thinkstep (formerly: PE INTERNATIONAL) since 2010, leading their construction team in the UK.
I tweet as @constructionlca and blog at


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Case Study - Interface: Using LCA to guide their sustainability journey

Case studies

Interface obtains Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for all its carpet product. Interface, the worldwide leader in design, production... Read more…

Whitepaper: Transparency and the Role of Environmental Product Declarations

Guidance and industry reports

As the world’s consumption of natural resources continues to grow at an ever increasing rate, the design and manufacture of environmentally responsible products is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Read more…

Course Handout: Transparency and the Role of Environmental Product Declarations

Presentations, webinars, videos

In the world of Sustainability, the need for authenticity, credibility and truth often is mitigated by eco-labels. The emergence of over 400 eco-labels has left many consumers and purchasers confused about the credibility of environmental and sustainable claims. Read more…

Whitepaper - LEED v4: Ushering in the Era of Transparency and Disclosure

Guidance and industry reports

A new era has dawned for the building and construction sector that will transform the way products are measured and specified. This change was... Read more…

White Paper: LCA in construction: status, impact, and limitations

Guidance and industry reports

The Whitepaper provides concise information about Life Cycle Assessment, the role of LCA in codes, standards and rating programs, and the recommended application of LCA in the manufacturing sector and in design practice. Read more…

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Showing 19–23 of 23 results

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