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I’m an expert in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and sustainability for the construction materials sector.
I was the co-author of BRE’s Green Guide to Specification, and I’m the UK expert on CEN TC350 WG3, which developed EN 15804, the European Standard for EPD for construction products.
I’ve worked for thinkstep (formerly: PE INTERNATIONAL) since 2010, leading their construction team in the UK.
I tweet as @constructionlca and blog at


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Dutch National Environmental Database of LCA data for construction materials


The links provided show the content of all the construction and civil engineering products and processes which are currently included within the National Environmental Database. Read more…

Fact Sheet on Dutch Building Regulation regarding LCA: "Get started with the Environmental Decree 2012?

Guidance and industry reports

From 1 January 2013, in any environment permit for new homes and offices (> 100 m2), an environmental calculation materials must be attached in accordance with the Building Act 2012. Read more…

UL Environment Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Programme

Guidance and industry reports

Over 100 EPD for construction products, using EN 15804, the European Standard for EPD. Read more…

IBU Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) Programme

Guidance and industry reports

EPD database for over 100 EPD for construction products in English. Additionally many further EPD available in German. Most EPDs (with green cover) use EN 15804, the European standard for construction product EPDs. Read more…

Webinar - Understanding Transparency & EPDs: Meeting the 2030 Challenge for Products

Presentations, webinars, videos

Learn how leading firms, manufacturers, non-profits, and industry groups are adopting the 2030 Challenge for Products, driving the innovative use of high-performance products with small carbon footprints. Read more…

Webinar - EPDs in the Construction Sector

Presentations, webinars, videos

An Overview of Drivers, Practices and Strategies. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are standardized, third-party verified documents that communicate the results of a product's life cycle assessment (LCA), including all relevant performance information. Read more…

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Showing 7–12 of 23 results

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