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SPeAR (Sustainable Project Appraisal Routine)

Measurement & reporting tools, Standards

An Arup-developed sustainability decision-making tool. Communicates outcomes visually through a unique diagram. An integrated set of indicators covers a range of issues and is based on global sustainability standards. Read more…

Establishing the Ground Rules for Property: Industry-wide Sustainability Metrics

This guidance document sets out proposed common metrics for reporting sustainability performance including energy, carbon, waste and water. The... Read more…

Interim London Housing Design Guide 2010

The new 'interim edition' of the London Housing Design Guide sets out the Mayor of London’s aspirations for the design of new housing in the capital. Read more…

ISO 14000 - Environmental management

This guide provides a basic introduction to the ISO 14000 family of standards, gives a concise idea of how they have evolved to provide comprehensive... Read more…

Framework Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products (BES6001) Issue 3.0


BRE Global has launched a framework standard (BES 6001) for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products. The standard sets out requirements under 3 main headings:
1. Read more…

The Dollars and Sense of Green Retrofits

Guidance and industry reports

This document summarizes a 2008 Deloitte survey of green retrofit activities within businesses. It identifies key factors in determing the success... Read more…

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Showing 313–318 of 324 results

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