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Built Environment Improvement consultant, advocate + blogger with a focus on sustainability, CSR, social media and business improvement. Living Building Challenge UK Ambassador.


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Measurement & reporting tools

An online Construction Carbon tool focusing on monitoring, understanding and reducing construction carbon. Focuses on the CO2 emissions that the construction contractor has responsibility for and influence over. Read more…

Living Building Challenge - Red List of Materials

Guidance and industry reports, Standards

The Living Building Challenge envisions a future where all materials in the built environment are regenerative and have no negative impact on human and ecosystem health. Read more…

Declare: The Ingredients Label for Building Products


Declare offers Living Building Challenge Project teams a materials guide for product specification. For manufacturers, it offers an expanded point of entry into these ground-breaking sustainable projects. Read more…

Living Building Challenge

Living Building Challenge

Measurement & reporting tools

The Living Building Challenge is a green building certification programme that defines measures of sustainability in the built environment. The Challenge is comprised of seven performance areas, or ‘Petals’: Site, Water, Energy, Health, Materials, Equity and Beauty. Read more…

Showing 1–4 of 4 results

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