What is Pinpoint?

Built environment professionals searching for information on sustainability can now do so using Pinpoint – a free, easy to navigate and independent online platform.

Pinpoint is currently the world’s only dedicated online search engine for sustainability resources in the built environment. It allows users to search for information on how to make their projects, products or organisations more sustainable.

Pinpoint users are also encouraged to add their own resources as well as comment on and recommend existing information to help others find the best possible resources.


Pinpoint and UK-GBC

One of the main reasons the UK Green Building Council was established was to encourage the sharing of best practice on sustainability. One of our key aims is to provide a ‘first-port-of-call’ for any professional from across the building lifecycle or value chain to give them the best possible sustainability advice and guidance for their project, product or organisation.

In practice this has proved a challenge, as the sheer volume of information, tools, guidance, training courses, products and services, all purporting to help create a sustainable built environment, has mushroomed over recent years. This has made navigating the sustainability landscape increasingly difficult. 

Pinpoint has been designed with significant input from the sector to address these issues. It provides a sustainability search function and allows users to apply further filters based on the part of the building lifecycle they are working on, the type of resources they are looking for and more. Pinpoint also encourages users to review resources themselves, helping others to see what tools, metrics and case studies would be most relevant for them. UK-GBC will act as ‘curators’ and moderators of the content provided by built environment practitioners, as well as acting as the main point of contact for further advice.


UK-GBC’s Green Building Guidance Task Group

Pinpoint originates from the UKGBC Green Building Guidance Task Group, established in September 2011 to find ways to help industry navigate the complex landscape of existing sustainability information. The Task Group carried out a comprehensive audit of the tools, guidance, targets, case studies and training courses available to the sector in order to provide clearer signposting to the most relevant information.

The Task Group recommended that this information should be held within an online platform, which will not re-invent wheels or recreate tools, guidance and standards but will direct practitioners to information currently available and enable user feedback and ratings. The Task Group also recommended the implementation of mechanisms to drive industry action and improve performance within the UK-GBC membership and wider industry. 
The recommendations from the Task Group, sponsored by BAM Construct and Morgan Sindall, can be found in the Green Building Guidance executive summary and report.


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