AM11 Building Performance Modelling 2015

AM11 Building Performance Modelling 2015

The predecessor to this Applications Manual, Building Energy and Environment Modelling (BEEM) was first published in 1998. Much has happened over the last two decades in the modelling fields, including computer power and software advances but, more significantly, those in the optimisation of building and system performance for energy reductions and the application of renewable energy technologies in building design and operation. The latter is compounded by rapidly evolving building regulations and strict compliance requirements towards the goal for zero carbon buildings (ZCB) in order to meet the CO2 reduction obligations of some countries.

This new AM11, Building performance modelling (BPM), has taken into consideration many of the real issues of simulating buildings and their systems whilst still focusing on compliance with building regulations and quality assurance issues. BPM covers the general concepts of energy and environmental modelling and in particular focuses on: quality assurance procedures, compliance with UK and some international building energy efficiency codes, thermal environment and energy, ventilation, lighting and plant modelling.

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