Bite-Size Session: Where's the Gap? A critical look at how thermography can identify the thermal performance between ‘As Designed’ & ‘As Built’ in Sustainable Buildings - Manchester

This popular topic from trainer Ray Faulkner of iRed Ltd comes to Manchester this February. With hands-on demo of E60 thermal cameras!
This is one in a series of Manchester Bite Size sessions for 2017, see below for details.

In the space of ten years, thermography has transitioned from the expensive technical fringe to a mainstream acceptable Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) tool. Across the industry, new and innovative techniques are being developed, but more importantly through accredited training and peer group reviews, defined processes and methods ensure that a quality product can be delivered in a timely cost effective manner.

For all buildings - but in particular, those intended to meet stringent standards - there is a need to ensure that what has been designed has actually been built.

Speaker Ray Faulkner will open this Bite-Size session with a brief explanation on how thermography works and has developed in the last thirty years. He will then cover building thermography examining the detection of ‘Continuity of Insulation’, ‘Thermal Bridging’ and ‘Air Leakage’ utilizing qualitative and quantitative techniques such as Thermal Indexing.

In particular the survey requirements for a BREEAM credit will be discussed from ‘Environmental Conditions’ and ‘Qualifications’ to ‘Consistency of Approach’ and ‘Reporting Standards’. The session will conclude with a brief look at how thermography can map ‘thermal comfort’ within a space, assist with ‘Dispute Resolution’ and be integrated into the ‘Commissioning of a Building’.

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