Retrofitting Internal Wall Insulation - London

Retrofitting internal wall insulation - a solution or a problem waiting to appear?

What are the condensation risks associated with internal wall insulation (IWI)?
How can we avoid building in problems for the future such as interstitial condensation?
What are the options with solid wall buildings in conservation areas?
Join us to investigate these questions and:
- explore both the theory and practical aspects of improving our existing buildings
- with live demos and practice of installing various insulation materials

With much of the activity in the construction industry focusing on improving the performance of existing buildings and encouraging the retrofitting of wall insulation (both internal and external), questions are now being asked as to the effectiveness of this approach.

New to this seminar: TGR is pleased to be demonstrating two natural, breathing insulation materials that can eliminate the risk of interstitial condensation, one of the construction industry's biggest concerns when retrofitting existing buildings. Expert installers will show how to apply two types of wood fibre board and a cork/lime plaster to existing walls whilst explaining best practice techniques.

This one-day seminar is split into a morning of theory and an afternoon of practical workshops allowing delegates a hands-on experience of IWI installation.

After a brief introduction by Green Register director Lucy Pedler who will identify some of the potential problems with IWI installation on existing buildings, Lucy will then present the options for IWI materials and discuss the pros and cons of different types of insulation. Niall Crosson of Ecological Building Systems will explain the building physics of moisture movement in buildings. Understanding these principles is essential before making any decisions about what measure to take when considering retrofitting wall insulation.

After the break, two sessions will see Sean Denton of Jordaya and Matthew Wellesley Smith of NBT present further IWI options and case studies, and share some practical experiences.

In the afternoon, there will be two practical demonstrations:

1. A wet applied natural cork insulation - Diathonite - from Sean Denton of Jordaya

2. Two types of natural wood fibre insulation from Matthew Wellesley Smith of NBT.

Delegates then get a chance to try out the products themselves with instruction from the speakers.

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