The Breakthrough Forecast: Market Sweet Spots to 2025

The Breakthrough Forecast: Market Sweet Spots to 2025

The Breakthrough Forecast is a market intelligence briefing for leaders that paints a picture of the business agenda out to 2025 using market projects, valuations and interviews.

There are three main messages in The Breakthrough Forecast:

1. Capitalism, markets and business offer our best hope of achieving a sustainable economy by the second half of the 21st century—but for this to happen all three must evolve rapidly by 2025.

2. Market analysts are now tracking over 50 ‘sweet spots’, which we map across 10 critical sectors of the economy—with the value of the investment in such markets now running into trillions of dollars.

3. The most interesting opportunity spaces are emerging where different technologies and business models overlap, suggesting the need to identify, incubate and expand such ‘sweet spots.’

Our question: What would happen if the market research sector, corporate top teams and investors put on the right sort of sustainability spectacles?

The Breakthrough Forecast is a work-in-progress: it covers the above questions, and offers 21 zones of opportunity which we dub ‘Sweet Spots’, outlining areas of potential transformation as well as new value and wealth creation.

3D Printing: Prototyping Tomorrow
Accounting: Tomorrow’s Bottom Line
Air-Conditioning: The Cold Economy
Biomimicry: Nature’s Magic
Business Education: Breakthrough 101
Calming: Stress Reducers
Clean Water: Thirst For The Future
Construction: Smart Cities
Data: Big & Little
Drones: Over Our Heads
Electric Vehicles: Charging Ahead
Finance: Following The Money
Food: Tomorrow’s Menus
Genomics: The Genius Of Genes
Geoengineering: Planetary Medicine
Internet Of Things: Everything’s Connected
Materials: Tomorrow’s Building Blocks
Robotics: Live-In Machines
Solar Power: The Big Switch
Space: Reaching Escape Velocity
Visualization: Seeing is Believing

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