Sustainable economy in 2040: a roadmap for capital markets

Sustainable economy in 2040: a roadmap for capital markets

This report shows investors how they can help create a resilient, stable and sustainable economy by investing wisely and using their power to shape the development of capital markets.

Most guidance on sustainable investment focuses on how to make business as usual better, without looking at the bigger picture. Our recommendations are based on an assessment of the fundamental reallocation of capital required to achieve a sustainable economy. We believe this is the first time such an approach has been taken to sustainable investment.

The report offers investors specific, practical guidance in five key sectors which are fundamental to a sustainable future: food; health and wellbeing; energy; mobility; and finance. It identifies critical areas in each where the scale, pace or nature of growth needs to change, and it presents a ‘roadmap’ giving detailed guidance on where to invest to support the development of a sustainable economy.

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