A Better Retailing Climate

A Better Retailing Climate is a voluntary initiative setting out the collective environmental ambitions of a group of leading British retailers. As an industry, this means playing a leading role in helping to mitigate and adapt to the environmental challenges of climate change and the need for a more circular economy to make better use of resources. This is against a backdrop of increased economic efficiency to provide affordable goods and economic growth to support jobs. We do this by improving our own environmental performance as well as helping customers and supply chain partners to do the same.

When we launched this initiative in 2008 we announced five targets on reducing the direct environmental impact of the retail industry. These targets came to an end in 2013 and all have been exceeded.

In January 2014 we launched a new set of targets and commitments up to 2020. This is our first update on progress and achievements made by retailers over the 12 months since the new targets were announced.

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