What do we mean by Sustainable Communities?

In November 2014, Nesta Impact Investments (NII) celebrated its second anniversary, with almost half of our fund’s money invested into a portfolio of seven social investments that all fall within our three thematic areas: Children and Young People, the Ageing Population and Sustainable Communities.

Throughout our two years of existence, NII has attracted and proactively found hundreds of opportunities that fall within our thematic areas. Under our Sustainable Communities theme, however, people continue to ask us: “What do you really mean by Sustainable Communities?” Given the ambiguity in both the word “sustainable” and the word “communities” we believe it is about time for us to give more clarity to the question.

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financial exclusion, unemployment, education inequality, transport poverty, digital exclusion, social isolation, health inequality, food poverty, fuel poverty, community participation, Nesta, sustainable communities

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