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This website is a Home Performance labelling Pilot. The purpose of the Housing Forum Home Performance Labelling Pilot is to test the concept that lay consumers can be supplied information useful to them in making choices of homes on offer to them using info-graphic presentation of performance data extracted from digital design information. The objective of the Pilot is therefore proof of concept, not commercial return.

Now that the information age is upon us and consumers are used to instantly available information on their smart phones,the question is how best to introduce information on home performance to the marketplace, what information would be best made available, and how to overcome the various obstacles that exist in gathering it?

This website mirrors a home sales website but provides an example of how to illustrate and additional level of information, including energy use per annum, maintenance costs, storage area, floor area, daylight levels, and volume. This information is based on real world examples of buildings contributed by members of the Housing Forum

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